Let’s Talk Immunity IV’s!

There are many reasons why our bodies do not retain all the vitamins we need. For instance, restricted diets due to allergies or digestive disorders. IV therapy is a great way to give our bodies the nutrients it needs. Our immunity IV is designed to give you the vitamins that prevent you from getting illnesses, help you to recuperate from a prior sickness, and promote your overall wellness.

So, what’s inside of the IV?

There are three ingredients that are included in this IV. The first ingredient is Ascorbic Acid, which helps to create collagen and boost immunity. The second ingredient is Olympia Vita Complex, which helps skin and blood cells to convert nutrients into energy. Finally, the third ingredient is Zinc Chloride, which helps to increase healing in the body and prevent infection.

Please call us if you are interested in learning more about our Immunity IV!

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